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Kyona Akagi for Windfall Valley (Forbidden Fruit) by VoodooRed
Kyona Akagi for Windfall Valley (Forbidden Fruit)

>> :iconwindfall-valley: :iconwindfall-valley: :iconwindfall-valley: <<



 Kyona Akagi
Age: 21
Birthday: May 4th
Gender: Cis Female
Height: 5”4
Weight: 135 lb



 #136 Flareon


Guts: While the Pokémon with this Ability has a status condition, its Attack is increased by 50%. The Pokémon with this Ability does not lose Attack due to burn.

 Detect: Kyona will use her spiritual ability as a priestess to feel for any ill intent or attack to be made upon herself or others in her presences, making it difficult to get the jump on this girl.
 Healing Bell: Using prayers to the Kami of the village through the talisman of a sacred bell, Kyona may call upon their power to heal the injured or ill.
Fire Spin: By use of handwritten O-fuda (ward/talisman) in addition to malas (prayer beads) a barrage of flame wheels may be summoned to surround and trap an enemy within a wall of flames.

Secret Power: Again using handwritten O-fuda, Kyona has the ability to bind a person’s physical form in place by subjecting their spirit with the talisman via attaching it to their forehead. Depending on the environment this can result in the person exhibiting signs of paralysis, freezing, and at times falling asleep on the spot while standing.
 +Hard working +Patience of a Saint +High spiritual power +Reads those around her well +Practical

 -Empathy for others can be a double edged sword -Stubbornness just shy to the point of pigheaded -Isolation/frequent bouts of loneliness -Pride -Takes criticisms hard -Prone to thinking aloud regardless of who’s around -Selective Obliviousness -Often guilty of holding herself to ridiculous standards -Blunt -Finicky -Idealist -Overzealous -Soft-hearted



Questioning Heterosexual (She hasn’t had much of a chance to explore her own sexuality up to this point in her life)

 Relationship Status:

-Children and animals
           -Being social
           -Tea and cakes
           -Snow (If she gets to stay home)
           -Red apples
           -Baked sweet potatoes 
Dislikes: - Arrogant and Cocky individuals, often referring to them as “Peacocks”
               - Displays of prejudice and discrimination against those viewed as different or unworthy (or anyone in general really)
               - Bitter drinks yet this doesn’t include sour
               - Extreme Criticisms from others
               - Snow (If she has to go out)
               - Being pestered out of bed by some restless spirit in the middle of the night over unfinished business like telling their brother “Sorry, I DID eat the last odango that one time”.


*Passionate *Dutiful *Lonely *Big Sister *Self-imposed higher standard *Kind *Loyal *Spiritual

While Kyona can be described as a dedicated priestess, there are times it takes it’s toll on her perfectionist like nature. There is no one harder on her than herself if a failure occurs, but she will not allow defeat to overpower her in the moment and will fight on with everything she’s got till the outcome has shifted to a better favor, licking her wounds after in private. She really shines brightest when around other people, displaying a strong willingness to help those around her in any situation and beyond the call of duty, but remains vigilant and alert at all times. While in her off time the young shrine maiden can be found among the grounds with a book in hand or singing a song to herself while taking in the beauty of her surroundings, but more often will wonder off into town for a bit of stimulation via social interactions with fellow villagers. To many she comes off as outgoing and self-assured with a bright sunny disposition, but once the people have gone away and finding herself alone with her thoughts, she’ll begin to withdraw inward to the shy girl beneath. She does not see this as being dishonest, but a clear distinction between the two halves that make her whole in the end. She does not know what she would do were she not in her current line of work, and will purposefully avoid any long term consideration on the matter, fearing if she were not a priestess people might not have a need for her at all. Her very identity is heavily tied to this role she plays in the community. If she weren’t the priestess, she wouldn’t know who to be.


Though outwardly appearing very open and bright, few really know very much about the young priestess and her life before she arrived in the village, other than coming from another more established temple to the south. But what’s made obvious by her conduct is her dedication to her training and the steadfast desire to help those around her by virtue of her position. The daughter of a well to do merchant in a village to the east, Kyona was born with a strong spiritual sense that seemed to manifest itself from an early age, even as a toddler chasing something unseen when at play by herself. Eventually this would lead to a kind of rift between herself and her parents, her father especially, neither sure if they ought to take the child to the local shrine or possibly a doctor for fear the child was mad. As she grew older so too did their indifference, and while trying to form connections with children of her own age, many grew distrustful and feared the small girl for the strange things she would say and do. Eventually this resulted in much the expected way, the other village children shunning her and their parents doing little to dissuade them. Having a child such as this began to take its toll on her family’s station in the community as well, while her father’s work granted them a host of luxuries, merchants were not seen all too favorably during this time for much the same reason that attributed to their expanding wealth. Eventually Kyona’s father took on a mistress in the next village over, but what had surprised her father was the child’s knowledge of it. He’d demanded to know from whom she’d heard such a slanderous rumor, and all she’d answer his angered shouts with were the words “I just know, father.” In truth, she’d told him this because to admit the reality would only upset him further. A second party had indeed made her aware of such happenings, but not in a way he’d have acknowledged or wanted to hear. But even this answer earned the girl a hard clap of his backhand and it’s ring across her cheek, telling her to never speak of it again or he’d have her sent away as punishment.

However, this threat didn’t account for much in the end, eventually the truth had been made known to her mother when he’d announced there’d been a birth by the other woman. The son she could never provide for him. At the apparent rejection of her husband, having been dishonored and made a fool by his infidelity, Kyona’s mother sank into a deep depression, rarely leaving her bedchamber from that day forth. Soon the day came when the boy was to be brought to the household. Being his only true son, and deciding to raise the lad himself and with Kyona’s mother, the bastard child Hideo was named the household’s true heir. Feeling all the more isolated as a result, Kyona steadily grew to resent the interloper in her home, wanting nothing to do with the baby. The same however, could not be said of little Hideo. Try as she might to ignore and brush off any attempts at affection, she could not keep herself from taking notice of the little tot as he struggled after her on wobbling toddler legs, seemingly wishing to be with her when other’s were all too quick to forget her presence. In time, though she’d fought against it, Hideo had stolen more from her than just her place in the house, but in addition to it all, her heart. She adored him as a true sister, and called him brother even knowing they did not share a mother. Hideo had become her sun, filling her lonely days with light, even sharing the parts of herself she’d been made to hide. But in time, this too would change.

As the boy grew older he’d begun to long for the companionship of other’s, more than what Kyona could give to him. So when the time came and he saw the reaction of the other villagers towards his beloved sister, a fork in the road had come and his choice was made. If he did not wish to be treated like the outsider they’d made Kyona to be, he’d have to sever the bond he’d made himself. And did so willingly. Kyona had known no greater betrayal nor heartache.

But this event set many more in motion, beginning the decent to her blackest moment of lashing out, punishment, and by either luck or divine intervention, her subsequent salvation at the hand of mercy offered by a passing monk.

Coming from a temple afar, Windfall Valley is her first true charge since attaining the mantle of priestess, which she wears with much due pride. Kyona looks back on her time spent in the previous temple with fondness, training under her master Satodoshi and sites him as the catalyst for her life changing for the better. 
Her childhood however is another matter entirely. Every now and then she may make reference to some trivial thing here and there, but even at her chattiest she’ll rarely slip enough to reveal more of herself beyond that point. “Today is not the past, so I won’t let it define the person I am today.” In her master's temple she'd matured, learning the ways of managing shrine operations from day to day tasks and the like. She'd been instructed in all the usual ways by right of purification, sealing negative influences from the general public within the hollowed temple walls by use of prayer and O-fuda with much practice and effort before performing her first sealing on her own. The task had been taxing though it'd taught the young one much, and even more so when her master was called upon to exorcise a demon from a samurai, whom in seeing far too much bloodshed on the field of battle for his soul to bare, was made fit prey for a wandering spirit. Satodoshi enlisted his young charge's assistance and together they repelled the wicked specter back to the darkness. It was only then he felt she was ready to take on the responsibility of a position at the new shrine in an up and coming village that at present had no priest to care for it. Sending word to the village head of her coming and all corresponding transcripts, Kyona made her way to the settlement to begin.  

 After years of training and honing her skills, Kyona is ready to take that next step forward into the new dawn that awaits her in the newly formed village of Windfall Valley. Open as she may seem, there is much hidden under the seemingly smooth surface of what would appear upon first glance as a placid lake. Perhaps in time the people of this village and it’s surrounding atmosphere will be able to look past the surface to what lays beneath.



Roleplay Information: Usually I’ll stick to either Skype or the Chatroom for simplicities’ sake. As for style, my preference tends to be in a literary format to better flush out characters and scenes, though I sometimes adopt a more scripted style when more laid back and loose subjects are being tackled for not so complex situations (like goody oddball shenanigans and slice of life antics) .

 Additional Information:

- Kyona’s name comes from the fact her mother had only craved red apples while pregnant with her.
-Adores the color red, though she doesn't wear it much
-She likes to sing when it rains, but won’t and absolutely refuses to sing in front of people
-Possesses some basic knowledge of wild herbs for teas and medicinal purposes, some from her upbringing the others from her master Satodoshi.
- Enjoys a good story and readily shares the oral tradition with any little ones, though there are none currently in the village, so this is a talent she doesn't get to use much
-Becomes absolutely flustered if anyone should mess with her tail or hair (Don't do it man)
-Though usually exhibiting a kind and warm demeanor, this lil maiden can shoot a look so bone chilling when angered one may wish they were spirited away before her wrath is set loose (The ones with the cute face are often the scariest of the bunch)
- When she gets excited about a topic her eyes take on a look of emerald fire dancing in light, and it'll be a bit before she realizes she's talked the ear off her victim (oopsie doodles)
- While Kyona has the ability to converse with spirits, she is not able to predict or see into the future. 
- When Kyona was a child a house hold ghost made her aware of her father's infidelity. "Sweetpea, yer daddy's getting some ass on the side. Don't tell yer ma.".... it wasn't a very bright ghost.

Streaming while I do some personal art after weeks of nothing but Sakura Con stuff. Feel free to join me, but I will have my mic on, soothing Asian music playing, and drawing slowly because I'm cooling down and dorking about.

Welcome to the stream ^^

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At the moment I’m getting all my social media in order for Con season so when people with my business card try to find me all is in order and functional. This also means I’ll be pushing for more activity within all forms of social media, as well as getting my setup ready for the official launch of my Youtube Channel.

I’d also like to take this moment to announce I’ll be in attendance at the local big convention for anime in my area, Sakura Con, but not simply as an attendee. That’s right ya’ll, Voodoo landed herself a table in the artist alley, WHOO HOO!

I’ll be pretty busy over the next few months, and being that this will be my first time working a table at such a large event there’s plenty to do before the weekend of. Opportunity’s come a knockin’ and I intend to greet it head on with a sway in my hips and pep in my step. It’s a new year and a fresh start.


You can also find me on these other social platforms ======>…… 
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  • Reading: The Animator's Survival Kit
  • Watching: Sisters (1973)
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I'm going to be drawing in traditional ink some things this week for jump start practices. What should I draw? Feel free to suggest a fandom or thing you'd like to see drawn.
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Streaming while I do some personal art after weeks of nothing but Sakura Con stuff. Feel free to join me, but I will have my mic on, soothing Asian music playing, and drawing slowly because I'm cooling down and dorking about.

Welcome to the stream ^^

  • Mood: Eager
  • Reading: The Animator's Survival Kit
  • Watching: Sisters (1973)
  • Drinking: Death Wish Brand coffee


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